Why Falper

Excellent finishes

No smell, no styrene emission: everything is water based and completely natural to the touch. In the finishing department, surfaces are so perfectly prepared to be lacquered glossy or matt, or finished with beautiful wood colours, or also treated with oil and natural wax. Over 100 standard finishes, including any colour in the RAL and NCS folders.

Design Icon

Our furniture has always been the benchmark in the market, both for the originality of the design and for the vision at the base of their creation, made by both internationally renowned designers and young promising ones who draw for Falper.

Hand Made in Italy

Furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and complements, designed and created one by one: lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to any needs, to tell the care of an Italian company encompassing all the values of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity. Into each item, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make each product an instant classic.

Falper Features

Furniture in birch plywood AW100, Idropan waterproof, MDF, solid oak.

Furniture and accessories
Custom made.

Certified E1 / Carb2

Furniture with glues

at 45 °.

Water finishes completely free
of styrene on all our furniture.

Wood finishes
oil and natural wax.

Special coloring
on request.

direct manual.

Painting procedure
tested for furniture in humid environments.

Gloss lacquered finishes
and opaque and wood finishes.

BLUM Legrabox drawers
as standard on all collections.

Stabilizers and synchronizers
standard over 100 cm.

Quality control
of each piece of furniture.

High-capacity wall mounts
with anti-jamming system.

Basins and tubs in BIO materials and emission substances
birds certified by UL.

Accurate assembly with
before recording of drawers and doors.

Washbasins and bathtubs

light resistance 1000h xenon light.

Certified washbasins and bathtubs for USA, CANADA
and for Europe.

Thermal shock resistant bathtubs and washbasins.
UNI 9429: 1989.

and non-toxic.

5 years warranty
on wash basins and bathtubs.

Scratches and breaks easily restored
on the surfaces of bathtubs and washbasins.

Lighting system “OLED”
6Wx300 lumens.

Container mirrors
with IP44 certification.

LED and OLED Lights
with a CRI > 80 index.

Realizable mirrors

Dimming Light Up Make Up Light
from 3000 to 4000 K CRI > 80.

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