About Us


A matter of style.
Elegant, modern, designed with a unique, original touch, to reflect my lifestyle. It is made up of furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories, designed and created one by one, lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to my needs. It is the result of sartorial care but with the latest material-processing technology and production methods. It knows how to respect the world we live in: each panel is certified ecological, all the wood finishes are entirely water-based and all manufacturing waste is recycled. It is the fruit of an Italian company encompassing all the values of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity into each item, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make each product an instant classic. It takes the spotlight in any contemporary scene that makes elegance and originality its distinguishing features.
It is like me, and how I like to live.
It is Falper.


Falper furniture is all handmade by our experienced joiners who carefully create each single detail, using cutting-edge nesting, routing, drilling and edging systems. 45° machining operations, customization, water-resistant polyurethane bonding and use of extraordinary materials such as birch plywood for marine gluing, solid oak and special woods – all this is part of the extraordinary everyday routine of our joinery.

Sanding and coating

In the finishing shop, surfaces are prepared so perfectly that they can be gloss or matt lacquered, or finished with beautiful wood colours, or even treated with oil and natural wax. All this while protecting the already finished parts with precise taping and creating over 100 standard finishes and all the colours in the RAL and NCS charts. No smell, no styrene emissions, everything is water-based and totally natural to the touch. The lacquering, like the wood finishes, is applied directly with several coats of varnish and in compliance with a precise and complex application and drying procedure.


Furniture takes shape by means of assembly. Each element finds its right position. Drawers and hinges are added. Every detail is checked and each drawer, each door is adjusted, until opening is smooth and perfect. For its furniture, Falper uses only top-quality components and all accessories, which other manufacturers usually provide as optional, such as stabilizers or drawer opening synchronizers, are standard fittings whenever size so requires. Every piece is tested with its washbasin top and checked and has to pass the most stringent quality control before being packaged and dispatched to our customers.

Design and Innovation

Our furniture elements have always been a benchmark to the industry, both for their original design and for the vision standing behind their creation, thanks to worldwide known designers and young promising talents working for us. Only original Falper furniture carry the serial number label we use to identify our products.

Washbasins and baths

Inside our production facility, over 1000 square metres are dedicated to the storage and finishing of our washbasins, to the integrated tops, to the mirror units and to the solid-surface baths, all of which have a unique and exciting design, functional, distinguished by excellent quality standards. European and US quality certifications, the biological origin of the components, their non-toxic nature, their resistance to light and to thermal shock, are just some of the features that make Falper products special and one of a kind.


Each mirror made inside our facility is designed with rear structures such as to ensure flat and perfect-image reflection. Our mirrors are luminous or equipped with LED and OLED lights and Cristalplant frames, in solid wood, steel and aluminium. We take care of the light spectrum of our light sources so that skin shades are clearly visible. Although designed for storage, Falper mirrors are highly appealing, whether recessed or simply hung on the wall. Every day, our technicians make mirrors for looking at yourself in, for applying make-up, for lighting, for storing and for fascinating and they do their job with skill and passion.


The precision of the most refined mechanical manufacturing and AISI 316L stainless steel underlie the Falper taps and fittings project. The innovative design, the integration with the most evolved components and an original modularity of the elements are part of the pure and iconographic shapes of the Cilindro and Acquifero collections.
These collections are the ideal instrument of a careful design that makes the tap an element that is integrated in the architecture of the bathroom and that makes its control and water-conduction functions a real art.