Dario Gaudio + Vittorio Venezia Design

Designed by Dario Gaudio and Vittorio Venezia, CONTROSTAMPO, the winner of the Cristalplant Design Contest 2013, is a collection that is clearly inspired by the language of industrial objects and represents a new way of interpreting the bathroom environment in the contract sector. Freestanding bathtub and washbasin, all made in Cristalplant Biobased® and also available with metallic Corten finishes sprinkled on the outside surfaces – to accentuate signs of aesthetic that does not hide anything.

MaterialsCristalplant Biobased
WidthWA7 Washbasin 46, WA6 bathtub 178
HeightWA7 Washbasin 84, WA6 bathtub 52
DepthWA7 Washbasin 46, WA6 bathtub 88
FinishingsMatt White, Liquid Corten and Soft Touch colors

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